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Okay... so I don't normally do commissions, but it has occurred to me that I need money in order to buy Christmas presents. >_> Sooo...  If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here's a basic price list... however, if the request is extremely difficult the price may go up or if it's really simple, it may be reduced (although I'll let you know before I even start). I also retain the right to turn down any proposed commission. If you're interested though, hit me up. :):

Pencil Sketch: $5
This will be a simple pencil sketch. Nothing fancy.... no backgrounds.

Example: Anubis by Myotes

Black and White Line Art: $10
Will be drawn out in pencil and inked.

Example: Boa Constrictor Line Art 2 by mrinx Dir En Grey Kyo - Blk and Wht by mrinx

Full Color Art (hand colored): $25-$45 depending on complexity
Will be drawn out in pencil, inked, and then colored with marker and/or colored pencil. I can skip the inking step and go straight to colored pencil or marker for a less bold-lined effect upon request. Drawings without backgrounds or with backgrounds that can be digitally added will be more in the $25 range. If I have to draw a complex piece with a full color background it will be something more like $45.

Examples: Seibyr by Myotes Mrinx by Myotes Isis by Myotes Garner Vine in Action by mrinx Tokageko and Arrow by mrinx Risela - Art Request by mrinx Kuroshi and Korinth by mrinx
Without Inking: Lounging Tila by Myotes Shiva by Myotes Mother Nature by mrinx

Fully Shaded Gray Scale Pencil: $25-$35 depending on complexity
Believe it or not, these take me two or three times longer than a color drawing. It would be a fully shaded grey-scale pencil drawing.

Examples: Tila and Isis by Myotes Chelsy and Phoenix Sparring by Myotes Queen Chelsea Raymen by Myotes

Full Color Art (digitally colored): $35-$50 depending on complexity
This would be drawn out in pencil, inked, scanned, and then colored on the computer. Keep in mind my tablet broke, so it will take a while to color it with my mouse.... although that's how almost all my digitally colored pieces were colored.

Examples: Flame - 2004 callendar art by mrinx Frost - Callendar art by mrinx Cyan at the Beach by mrinx

Ball Point Pen Sketch: $5
These tend to be rough and well... sketchy. I can add color for an extra $5-10 depending on how much color is desired.

Examples: Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi by mrinx Anthro T-Rex - WIP by mrinx Bloodsail Admiral Korinth by mrinx

Detailed Ball Point Pen Drawing: $15-$25 depending on complexity
These are rough and sketchy looking, but also can be really really fun. Usually I fully shade these. :D

Example: Undead Warrior - Ragedump by mrinx Boa on a Cross by mrinx

Crayola Crayon Drawing: $20-$35 depending on complexity
Will be drawn using Crayola Crayons. :)

Examples: Sunglow Boa by mrinx Yet Another Poison Ivy by mrinx Blue Butterfly by mrinx
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